Monday, December 20, 2010

Long time gone, Flea Market Finds

I have been so busy of late that I haven't been able to post for Flea Market Finds, but now, I have  a  few moments to spare and yahoo, a new internet connection! No more crappy satellite...we now have wireless! I feel like I belong again!

I have so much stuff I have bought I didn't know where to start, so have begun with what is close at hand.

Thes lovely vintage paper scrapbook pictures are part of my growing 'feather' collection. I am thinking of making them into brooches. Would anyone wear one?

More tins and these great spools, obviously used for spinning. I am not sure what I will used these for...I just love a spool!


  1. Those would make beautiful brooches, what a great idea! The spool set up rocks too, but yes would wear a brooch like that for sure.

  2. are they big, those feathers? would they cover like, er, the whole chest? ;) they are loverly vintage though. yum.
    the spools are so rustic! i refrain from buying things i simply love. i am actually enjoying what other people buy?

  3. I'm a collector of tins too - the scrapbook pics are beautiful- wow. I'd love to see the patterning on the front of the tins.

  4. you bet i'd wear them as brooches, they're gorgeous! the colours are incredible.



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