Friday, December 10, 2010


Here are two dresses I bought from Bangalow at Lazybones yesterday, in my desperate bid to find something 'bright' to wear to Oprah. They were half price, and they fit the bill.

 Now why has she bought two new dresses when she has just bought a couple of vintage frocks earlier in the week, you ask. It is because I washed the little black and white sundress last night and all of the dye has run! The black has turned the white to grey and the turquoise isn't as bright. What am I to do! I don't think this dress had ever been washed before! I couldn't wear it dir-tee! I am not Blanche du Bois wearing bits of tatty and tarnished fabric edged with make-up and stained with perspiration from those days long gone!

It still looks OK, but the white and black made it look so purty. Now it is grey and black. Boo-hoo. Has anyone got any idea of what I shall do?

The thing is, my secret desire is to wear vintage most of the time...(I would love to be 'known' as the wonderfully elegant eccentric who always wears interesting and beautiful vintage) but the truth is I can't be bothered caring for it, or if it comes to the crunch, can't be bothered wearing it. I am a dag, and dag is as dag does, (not sure if that makes sense, is that from Anne of Green Gables but substitute Pye for dag?). Anyhoo, I like to chuck my washing all in together and be happy in the knowledge that it all comes out looking exactly the same. As a result, dressed in my somewhat dubious vintage items, I  think I will be known as 'that crazy old woman who looks like Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.'

Exit to the faint melody of "My heart belongs to Daddy."


  1. Oh dear, what a shame. I love the new yellow one though.

  2. there both so cute...

  3. Love the new dresses. Lazybones dresses are oh so beautiful.



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