Monday, December 6, 2010

Making lemonade from lemons

After a massive effort to get up to the BiDM on Saturday, (read, making garlands until 3.30am, then in the car and travelling to Brissy by 5.30am) I was terribly disappointed when the skies opened and rained on my parade.

Lesson learned: If you have paper products do not have a market stall outside!!!

I packed up early, scoffed down a gorgeous cupcake from Tabitha's Place to feed my ennui, and tried to think of ways to turn the day around.

After scanning the grey matter for a few minutes I soon found the answer...I have been intending to reconnoitre stockists for Brisbane for a while now, so I took the opportunity and scooted over to Nook at West End to hawk my wares. Everything I have heard about this gorgeous shop is true, and after a little chat with the lovely Michelle, I am now proudly stocked in Nook!

To celebrate, hubby and I went to a great cafe called the Gunshop Cafe. Good food and service, and a  great vibe. I had a glass of red as the rain pelted down in sheets. It was like in the old days before the weather went beserk and everything dried up. I just love tropical downpours! Then we popped over to IKEA. Can you believe it, my husband actually wanted to go as he was looking for CD storage. What a blessed day!


  1. I'm glad you managed to turn your day around. Congrats on getting a new stockist! x



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