Friday, December 10, 2010

Something pretty

I thought I would put up something short and sweet as I realise I have been ranting like a crazed woman for a few blogs now. I bought this from Lazybones yesterday. It is a quail feather in a glass bauble. Part of my 'collecting feathers' collection. It measures about 20cm long. Gorgeous!

Typical. I am trawling the web looking for some pics of Lazy Bones' fabulous new shop, and Shannon Fricke's current blog post was staring at me in the face. Have a look at the pics. Both shops are way gorgeous, I could eat them up! I want a life like those shops portray. The heroine of that life wouldn't put her mobile phone in the washing machine, because all of her actions would be carefully considered, orderly and elegant. (I am starting to rave again)


  1. how i would love to go to the Lazy Bones would be a little slice of heaven.



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