Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My cup runneth over!

I have been looking high and low for a noice dress for Oprah next Tuesday. I scoured Melbourne when I was down there last week....but to no avail. Yesterday I bumped into Leslie who has a vintage clothing shop in the Star Court Arcade and found not one, but two frocks!

Of course they will have to be altered, and pressed etc., but I can do that easily enough. I think the sundress will be the reminds me of Barbie dress that I never had.

But the reason why I am so excited is that Oprah is also coming to Byron!!! I can't believe my good fortune! I was going to pop into Echidna Place (Bangalow) tomorrow morning to deliver an order....but I may just make a stalking detour to Byron.  The audience are supposed to be at the Byron Markets, and just by coincidence I have a desperate need to get some organic garlic....and something else, which evades my mind at the moment.

Ho-hum. And they are apparently going for a rainforest walk to Minyon Falls which is just down the road from here and which I haven't visisted in years and which I should do so again because what is the use of flighing all over the country if you don't know your own backyard so really I should just pop down there to appreciate my own home ground but I will have to make sure that I take some salt as the leeches would be deadly with all of the rain we have had and if I just happened to bump into a hundred or so people who had not thought to bring a kilo of salt with them but would be ever so grateful if I gave them some, so be it.

(This was my Jack Kerouac impersonation)

So all, it looks like I will have a busy couple of days stalking touring the Northern Rivers!


  1. Love the frocks Nick and so exciting Oprah is going to Byron we've been on Oprah alert up here for the last couple of weeks with rumours flying around on the radio etc of where she will be. Anyway she flew into Cairns this morning, but couldn't get off the plane because of customs, damn border security!! anyway theres talk of a helicopter ride over the great barrier reef, we'll see, have fun in Sydney!

  2. your 2 dresses are fantastic and your going to see Oprah...i dont know much about that girl but i do know she can do wonderful things...

  3. They are both so nice. I would love that hat in the Barbie photo. Dont forget one. I'm with you - no full stops ha ha



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