Thursday, January 20, 2011

Run with the Wolves : My Creative Space

Unlike most of you out there in blogland, I don’t like Christmas. There is a very good reason for this, (which I won’t go into, don’t worry this post will end on a positive note)
 I have tried, lord have I tried, to overcome this dislike, but to not avail. I become stressed, anxious and depressed , and it’s takes all of my efforts to get through the day. As a result of my fragile state, my Christmas presents are usually in the form of an IOU.
Today, my creative space is the completion of the last Christmas present for 2010. Ahh, breathe a big sigh of relief,  I can now move on.
It is for my nephew who is 20. Already the alarm bells ring. Male!!  Twenty!! Apart from a car, and  an iphone what can you give them? Well, how about a 'you beaut' hand embroidered T-shirt. Sound daggy? Read on!

I have developed a Christmas rule which, most of you will be sympathetic to, “all Christmas presents must be handmade.” I bought a black T-shirt, cut off the sleeves and some of the neck, embroidered some bad-ass wolves in white thread and hammered some eyelets along  the armholes to grunge it up a bit. Easy peasy. I was going to add the text ” RUN WITH...”. but I ran out of puff (ha ha) and decided that it is complete.
I am prepared for:
Him to thank me politely, roll his eyes, and surreptitiously throw it away.
Have him throw his arms up in the air proclaiming that he loves it, and it is just what most 20 year old males would wear. He would then put it on, take a picture on his i-phone, and proudly email it to all his friends.
Mmmm, I think the first scenario is the likely result, but I don’t care. The box is ticked. I can move on.
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