Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wall flowers

These wall vases have been drawing me like a magnet lately, and have been popping up regularly at op-shops, auctions and the Tender Centre. They are way kitsch, and somehow remind me of the play, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, which I studied in high school. Maybe it is the era in which it is set, or the memories of the play, that was presented at the Adelaide PlayHouse Theatre, $1.00 for all students. I was such a dag (or could you say, cultural savant?) that I went to every play that season produced, and which offered this special discounted price. Was there nothing to do in Adelaide in the 70's? I think not.

I have put them all up on my wall in the Studio, for now, and as yet, they haven't sprung a leak. Ideally I would love to collect about fifteen of them (where did that number come from?) and have them grouped together randomly  on the wall. Great idea for a shop eh?

For now they are happy where they are, albeit a little crooked. I can have flowers in the Studio without knocking them over.

Pop over to Sophies and Apron Thrift Girl to see other goodies.


  1. they're so kitsch & simply em!!

  2. love a good wall vase! aren't they just works of art in their own right and also, it. i inherited 3 just the other day, i couldn't say no as they're just so kitschy and fun. 15 sounds like a great number to me!

  3. 15 is a good number to aim for and see what grows from there. In the 70s I went to every play and musical and theatre opportunity I could as well, in buildings and parks and any venue.

    This is a good collection to add to the party at ATG

  4. hey? that's a splendid idea. my late auntie had swallows like this on the wall, not to hold flowers ofcourse, but that's the memory that popped up while viewing your clever wall vase idea!
    happy new year!

  5. hi nick! thank you for your lovely comment, of course you can link to my photos. what a pleasure!

  6. I'd say cultural savant. They're just gorgeous. I haven't seen much of their like around. I'll keep my eyes open from now on.

  7. Adorable wall vases and studio! :D I took a peek at your Etsy shop and your tea towel print pillows are so pretty, love the selection and the whimsical prints your chose!



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