Monday, January 24, 2011

Life without ceramics

I have a slight fixation for ceramics, especially, mid century West German and Italian.

My Flea Market Finds this week is a bit of a backlog of {some} of the ceramics I have got in the last few months. Yes, there are more!

The first one is this great Bitossi vase given to me by my sis. It is very unusual as it looks as if it has Chinese writing on the side. (Knowing my sis, who is an op-shop savant, she got this for $1.50 with a vintage dress thrown in for good measure!)

My collection is comming along...

Next, a medium sized Italian oil pot. The cork is stuck fast, so I haven't been able to wash it out yet...I am a bit afraid of what I will find!

And finally a lava West German vase. I got this from a friend and fellow stall-holder at the last Love Vintage Fair. She is always telling me to get rid of anything I don't absolutley love...but the problem is that I love alot of things. I have alot of love to give for ceramics...alot of love.

It sits beautifully with my collection of other op-shop found vases.

Pop over to Sophies and Apron Thrift Girl  for more stuff to love.


  1. Your vases are lovely - all that texture and the bright colors. I can see why it's hard to give them up.

  2. You have a gorgeous collection! I saw the same blue vase gifted to you by your sis at a thrift store. I really wanted it but someone had glued ugly fake flowers and moss inside, I didn't know if I could get it out. Well, the point is that I'm entranced by the lamp and by your collection :)

  3. What wonderful vases! I especially love the collection in the bottom photo.

  4. wow! you are collecting some fun ceramics! some things that I haven't even seen before :)

  5. i often find vases like these while thrifting. as a matter of fact, i might bump into some today... wish you'd be there right alongside, no? i'll think of you when i encounter them, from now on!
    your garland arrived right on time, by which i mean : on my birthday! while lying in bed, considering a winter flu, son brought up the parcel... can you imagine to what point the timely arrival made my day, even if that was just coincidence?
    i love coincidence. thank you for the handling, everything safe and sound. and magical.
    i can hear chopin playing, in the background!

  6. Nic the vase has finally 'come home'. It always belonged with YOU. It looks great in it's new vase family.

    My philosophy about 'getting rid of everything I don't absolutely love' is a necessity. Wait until you se all the stuff in my house!!!!

    Cheers, Julia (TEXTILELIFE)



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