Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hanky savant needed

I am busy making more Hearts and Flowers Garlands today for some Valentine Day orders. I had run out of hankies so did an Op Shop run yesterday, and got a surprisingly good haul of goodies.

Amongst them were these vintage hankies that I will not cut up. The top hanky, and the best, has Royal Easter Show Sydney, printed in the corner. Great colours. I lurve the dusty mauve witht the pale lemon and bright red. I think it would be late 40's - early fifties. If anyone is a hanky savant, please share your wisdom.

I  have also taken some new pics of the garlands as I am restocking my Etsy and Made-it shops within the next week or so and my wholesale people need some visuals. Aaargh! It is stinking hot here and I DO NOT have a talent for photography, especially garlands!  I prefer the pics that look a bit blurred and vintagey...but I know that Etsy doesn't. They must be clear and crisp. 

I need to get the message to the prospective customer that they come beautifully packaged, but it just looks crap.

As the Triffids so succinctly said:

There's dirty dishes, piled high up in the sink,
It's too hot too move
And it's too hot to think...

I think I will give it up for another day.


  1. don't worry, they look good enough... and all the more surprising when they arrive!!

  2. Your pictures are great, it's difficult to take pics of garlands when you want to focus on the detail, but then to have them hanging you need to be further away, very tricky! I think you've captured them beautifully here..



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