Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coincidence of the Queen's Hanky:A Psychic Mystery

I know I am a dag, and this posting proves it! In my quest for more hankies for my Hearts and Flowers Garlands I have found a little beauty.

This is from the Queen's visit of Australia, 1954. That makes it at least 56 years old. But here is the spooky bit, and I am getting goosebumps as I write...SHE VISITED LISMORE 9 FEBRUARY, 1954. (That is today's date incase you didn't realise) I found this hanky yesterday, and decided to blog about it today, and after looking for some pictures of the vistit, just discovered the date of the visit.

What does this mean? Coincidence? I think not! It means something...I just have to find out what. Wait...there is more. Just by coincidence my mother's birthday is today (she died a couple of years ago) ...and just by coincidence her mother's name was Queenie. Hmph! Everyone putting two and two together? Even Harry Houdini would be impressed with this little 'event.' I am still not sure what it means...but it definitely means something!

picture from here

 Here in Lismore she just missed some massive flooding and stayed as the Gollan Hotel. 5,000 people waited in the street below to catch a glimpse of her. Very provincial.

Needless to say, this hanky won't be cut up...segue...unlike the hankies on the garlands that I have just listed in my Etsy Shop. Check them out. I am slowly getting the photography there, but as each 'Hearts and Flowers Garland' is different, I might have to individually photograph each one. Nevermind, life goes on.

Now I will continue mulling over the "Coincidence of the Queen's Hanky."

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  1. ai, sweet! i love your detective mind...
    i am a great believer in coincidence myself, perhaps out of willing to keep the magic in it, in a twisted sort of way.
    all the meaning you can find in it will most certainly elate you...
    enjoy that, i say!



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