Monday, February 7, 2011

Tin cans and masterpieces

Finally, the weather has cooled down and I can sit down and do some work! Yes, I am precious. I am a princess. I have a pool. I have a great solar passive house (which has one room air-conditioned for those days that the house gets too heated), and I haven't suffered flood, cyclone or bushfire in the last few weeks...yet I CAN'T STAND THE HEAT. I whinge, I whine, I suffer, and everyone around me knows it, because I vocalise every five minutes or so. I am fully aware that I am blessed, and that I am lucky, but the heat is my Waterloo.

Anyhoo, enough of me. What stuff have I collected last week...hmm? Nothing much, as it was sooo hot, I couldn't move myself from house to car, even though the car is air conditioned and I had a full tank...I should have driven all day, just like Kramer! There were a few bits and bobs.

I have needed a good watering can to replace the five or so cheap Bunnings kind that have fallen to bits in the sunlight, so I lept on this old tin receptacle at a recent auction. It came with the matching bucket which is perfect for our homegrown potatoes.

In the background is an original watercolour that I picked up at the Tip Shop. I am sure it is worth at least $200,000, maybe more...and will certainly make my fortune...if only I could read the signature. Maybe Southerby's can take it off my hands and I will be set up for life!

Lastly these minature indoor bowls are noice. They just sit there to be looked at, but that is OK...they are a talking point. They are sitting with my collection of wooden boxes. I like knowing there are spaces to put stuff into, though most of them remain empty. (That sounds very Freaudian!)

Pop over to Sophies and Apron Thrift Girl for more finds.


  1. see, i kinda like your comments to your own stuff.
    and if it's àny consolation... i HATE high temperatures!!!! makes my mind stop were i don't want it to...
    hang in, shall i send you some wind and rain?

  2. hahahha (she laughed maniacally) yes me too!
    youre doing so well!!! Did you spot the lawn bowls in their cases at mine too? I was wondering how to display them to full effect...well, no more, as it seems we have a winner! Thanks for letting me know you called.

  3. I am very glad you are safe and your only nemesis is the heat. While we had the Blizzard here it was nothing we have not seen before. I just prefer the heat to the cold and damp.
    I am dreaming of sunny days and poking through strangers "trash."
    Wishing you well (and wealthy) with your painting.

  4. The indoor bowls (in their bowl) are great. Random, but appealing. They are just the kind of thing I can imagine always wanting to look at when I was a kid and you visit a relatives house.

  5. Being British I thought I was whinging about the heat for that reason- dont think I have met anyone recently who has not said the same! Might as well say what you think-and love your garden set-want baked potatoes for dinner now-lots of blogs making me hungry tonight!

  6. I like the watering can and its matching basket; and the watercolor is sweet. Good luck with that!

  7. I know I am talking way back but you are funny I think I have some old paintings that are worth that much too lol



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