Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cherry Ripe

Maya at Plum Vintage, Kyogle had some vintage barkcloth napkins that she thought would look nice made into bunting, so, as  I am having  a very average day, I thought I would pick up my spirits by making a gift.

As the napkins were a square design, I found it hard to maximise the cherry pattern, so instead of bagging them out, I cut the edges with shears and backed with calico. Looks nice enough...still feel pretty average.

I am playing with Kirsty today.


  1. sorry to hear you're not feeling too great. the bunting is gorgeous! have you ever read 'cakies' blog? i recommend you head over there for a peek. her posts are just delightful and are surely able to raise your spirits a little. x (you can find her in my links list)

  2. Oh it must be such an average day if lovely bunting like this can't lift your spirits. I hope it improves immensely!! x

  3. they look smashing. I hear you re maximisation.. no false cuts.

  4. well the bunting looks delightful - hope your spirits lift soon



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