Monday, February 14, 2011

Be prepared

This is a late Flea Market Find today as I had to go and pick up said 'find' from the Salvos, in the back of my (t)rusty trailer.

Ye gods! What a stressful trip! This seat is very heavy, and although I was so sure that I had secured it effectively, it moved and jumped all over the place on our country roads. It will eventually sit in a beautiful formal herb garden that exists in my mind only...and more than likely will continue to exist there for a few years...but one must be prepared.

It will look something between this....

and this...

Speaking of prepared, over the weekend my husband and I discussed what we should do if the trailer, err, loses her bum. The procedure is to drive to a quite street, one without Nana curtains in it, (we don't want anyone peering out and dobbing us in) park it on the side of the road, take the licence plates off...and get the hell out of there. The only problem in this plan is that I don't have a screwdriver on hand, so Sparky is sourcing one for the glove box. (This is a real plan, not make believe or supposition)

I also got a new Kathie Winkle plate in a design I haven't seen before called Corfu. (top) And this Romany design is currently my favourite. I got a couple of them from a weird mudbrick place in Marrickville when I went down to see Oprah.

I am playing with Sophie and Apron Thrift Girl. Pop over for more finds.


  1. wouldn't the iron monger want trailer for rust? i think he'd be prepared to hand out a few bob too? else, bring it on over, i'll get rid of it for you's... (bad joke).
    but the bench is lovely, as is the garden first in line. of course that's going to happen, girl!

  2. Amazing bench - I love it. It should looks great in your domestic Garden of Versailles. Hope it made it home in one piece!

  3. lovely plates, and the bench will look great! i love the images you pulled up from your imagination, too funny!

  4. love love love your bench! ... jelous anyone??!!

    Well Done! - Great Find!




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