Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bower Bird Collages:my creative space

I have been collaging for a while now...I feel the need to use the copious amount of books that I have been collecting. These  new works are themed "Love" and will be at the Con Artists Handmade Market this Saturday.

Made of recycled wood (very old Norco pine that is an inch thick and without any knots...beautiful) they are solid enough to be placed on a surface or hung on a wall.

I am a bower bird, and in addition to all these books I keep all the scraps of  books I cut up for garlands and banners. I have to re-use it some-how...god forbid I actually throw anything away!
Pop over to Kootoyoo  to see how others create from their collections.


  1. Throw anything away???? Never!!! :)

  2. Lovely collages

    I cant either! until today that is. Im whittling things down but its only fabric scraps mind you, I dont throw away my book covers either.

  3. They look great on that nice thick wood. I'd like to get my hands on something like that for my encaustics...

  4. paper maché to put an end to all of your (odds&ends) misery! and then you make big, big bowls out of that maché. worth it! ;)



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