Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wall pockets

I am becoming quite obsessed with wall vases, or wall pockets as I have found they are called in the US. I have no idea why...I don't think our mum ever had one in the house...but nevertheless I am irrevocably drawn to them.

Here are a few little beauties. The first I would have thought, was a Bitossi, but it has been described as Rosental Netter. I obviously have to brush up on my ceramic knowledge. (A quick look on the net has found that Rosental Netter could have been American importers of Bitossi...so I guess this is really Bitossi...I will continue my quest)

I think this is my favourite, I love any ceramic that is black and white. It would be damn near perfect if it also had yellow in it somewhere.

This little Italian example is way cute....another obsession of mine, Italian ceramics

They seem to be turning up everywhere. I could go on and on. Kit and Nancy inherited three lovely examples just recently. Those little birds are so cute.

And a couple of other animal themed concoctions. As you can see, I deviate quite alarming from cutesy kitsch to minimalist mid century modern. It is like two Sybils in me fighting to get out!


Until my next obsession...


  1. The first one is divine!

    Felicity x

  2. I'm jumping on board with you and your new obsession. They're beautiful. And so practical!!



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