Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sitting on a goldmine

Over the Christmas break we have been busy building, renovating and throwing out twenty years of accrued rubbish. I feel like I am becoming lighter as every day progresses.

But the subject for this posting are the new solar panels that we have put on the house...in all eighteen of them. They in theory, should be a goldmine, making copious amounts of  money as I sit watching the tele, sipping on a cuppa, and acting like Lady Muck. Unfortunately the weather was not aware of my grandiose plans to become a millionaire by harnessing the rays of the sun...it has rained and been overcast for most of the last month.

However, we are lucky that the forcasts for the rain and flooding that the media suggested for the Northern Rivers have not eventuated. I initially took these pics with the expectation of flooding, so that I could show the difference in water levels, but tragically Toowoomba in Queensland bore the brunt. So awful.

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