Friday, April 15, 2011

Hairdressing rant

Jeez Louise! Is it me! Have I got the word 'sucker' invisibly tattooed on my forhead, that is only visible to hairstylists at large?

Today I decided to try a new hairdresser. After the graduation horror, I felt that I couldn't cross the threshold of the last one. I have been a bit under the weather for the last couple of weeks and thought that a dye job on my GT stripe might pick me up.

I attempted to listen to my inner voice, my intuition and asked it "Little voice, is this the right thing to do? Should I trust a new hairdresser.  Will they do right by me?" Unfortunately, no-one answered, nary a sound. (I don't think the little voice exists) Maybe I asked the wrong question. (I should have gone to the phsycic  a few doors up, I think she would have been a bit more helpful)

Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, the new hairdresser, on posing the age old question of, "What would you like done?" was delivered, what I thought, a very succcinct and clear answer by moi, "Natural" says I, "Natural and Princess Mary, and not like a bagwoman."

Can my desire be any clearer? Apparently not.

I have been tossing up who I bear the most resemblance to with my new 'natural' GOTHIC hair!!! All I can think of is Grandma Addams but with black hair and scary white highlights. (My natural hair is brown, just dull brown, but it would have been nice to have brown hair with sunkissed fairy golden highlights)

I have already washed my hair twice since I have been home. My husband keeps looking sideways at me, and there is a look of pity in his eyes. I feel like Anne of Green Gables when she dyed her hair green. Oh vanity!


  1. Oh Nick...what can I say?
    It took me years to find a hairdresser who didn't turn me into witchy-poo every time I went to get my greys covered! My husband used to call me Morticia! Charming! I've got a lovely hairdresser now and my hair looks shiny, brown and natural NOT like I've been to the hairdresser and spent loads of money at all which is just the "look" I want.
    I hope you are feeling better. Take care.

    ps I've only just realised that the granny in the pic is from the Adams Family!

  2. Oh dear! Sorry. It's happened to us all. For ages at university I sported 'lowlights' in my dark brown hair. That would suggest subtle streaks, not as bright as highlights, no? It was orange. All over.

    You should go in and ask a senior stylist to fix it, but I know this is hard advice to take in real life. Nothing worse than slinking in to complain when you looked in the mirror and brightly declared the horror 'Lovely!'

  3. Oh you poor thing I bet she used a dark brown if like me even a brown will go black on my hair and I hate it.Its why I am scared of the hairdressers especilaly the amount it usually costs and is also why I dont trust them to do a trim most of the time a couple of inches to me is differnt to them I think.Had a horror job done on mine a few months back too.Anyhow I hope you get it looking good again soon



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