Saturday, April 16, 2011

My perfect

After yesterday's debacle, I have decided to start a meme.  It is called "My perfect...", and every week I will commit to post a new theme.

As nothing is ever perfect, please feel free to be ridiculous if you want, or if you feel very strongly about an item, be as serious and manic as you please. They can also be as short as a lone picture posted, or as long as the diatribe I am about to deliver. (I must get this out of my system) It will be open for a week.

We will see how it goes, if nothing else I have learnt about linkies!
  I am also playing with the Bris Stylers, Let'sGo Shopping Meme. Bits and bobs are scattered throughout the post. First up...
Passing Time and Chimes
My Perfect Hair Salon
It will be calm and peaceful. The decor will have individuality and character, but with taste. Not psychedelic, not sterile, I am not part of a chicken factory production line on acid...I am a human! I don't want to feel paranoid and not up to scratch (ha-ha) and uncool. Inspiration would be taken from the beauty salons in "Come in Spinner", "The Women" (but without the bitchiness) and every other classic 40's-50's  parlour portrayed in movies. However, it would also have a contemporary edge.
Paper Seeker
It would be comfortable and feel homey and have a wonderful array of current magazines (I am sorry, New Idea just doesn't cut it!) with coffee table books such as Frankie's Spaces.
Lady Jane Collections
I do not want three people picking through my hair making derogatory comments on its 'brassiness, dryness and frizz' whilst pushing their expensive line of products onto me. Instead they will gush over my thick, curly, luxuriant hair and think of ways to enhance it, rather than destroy it!

High Fallootin

It would have hair dyes that are 'green' as possible so that instead of taking to my bed with a migraine for twelve hours, my hair will smell of sweet fresh meadow flowers and violets and I will dance through the rest of the day.
Homestead Herbal
The staff won't rush around and look harassed, they will glide...with content, nay serene and devout expressions on their faces. This however, will not stop them from being intelligently friendly. They will also have short nails, no bangles or rings cluttering their hands (and scratching the bejesus out of me) and will be masters of the old scalp and neck massage.
The Jane Studio
There will be a lady who asks, "Would Madame like a cup of tea...and a chocolate croissant?" It would be served in beautiful boned china, not a metal 'trendy' tea cup that blisters your lips. She would look like Mrs Slocomb.
Stash Anew
Alternative music would be playing, but the kind that I like, not the kind that the work experience kid puts on. Think Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Sleepy Jackson, Johnny Cash, Iron and Wine, with some classics thrown in like Nirvana (unplugged) and the Stones. I do not want to listen to doof music whilst someone is making me ugly!

And while we are on the subject, I wouldn't be made ugly. I would emerge from that damn hairdresser's a beautiful butterfly. I would be Georgie Girl, striding down the street fancy free, heads turning in ardent admiration as I passed. People would whisper (yes, they would), "There goes an 'IT' girl!"
Okey-dokey, if you would like to commit your dreams and aspirations for a perfect hair salon, enter you Linky below.


  1. oh how is your hair today hope the shock is less and you are feeling a lot better,if not I bet you are counting the days down till you know it will fade away.

  2. This has got to be the perfec tonic to any bad hair day Nick.Am usre you still look fabulous xx

  3. Wow I love these picks, especially the magazine rack. Thanks for sharing x

  4. I always feel a bit inadequate at the hairdressers! Your ideal place sounds wonderful!

  5. Lead me to your hairdresser - I need a bit of that old-fashioned pampering - with bobby pins, of course!

  6. i would love to pick a magazine from that magazine holder! yes!

  7. I think you've nailed it! When does it open for business? I'm always changing hairdressers because there's something I don't like about each one.



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