Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cumquats and Passionfruit

I have finally cracked the "Jam making code"! It is so simple, but it seems the purists prefer not to use it. 'It' being a simple thermometre. All you have to do it get the jam to reach 104 degrees celcius. That is the setting temperature. And that is it! (Given that the sugar and pectin are OK) I rolled out some cumquat jam yesterday in no time flat ...once I inserted said thermometre.

I have a whole orchard of citrus and am going to get jamming, now that I have achieved the Jam Making Hurdle in life! Today will be Lime.

Also, our passionfruit this year are phenomonal! Have a look at the size of them and I have bigger coming on! I have had years of my passionfruit dying and being temperamental. I put in some new black passionfruit last year around the chook pen. They must be a newer hardier larger cultivar, plus it must be the perfect situation, as we have  about a hundred coming on. Also on the cooking list for today, Passionfruit Butter. North Coast National  Show, here I come!

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