Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flea Market Finds-Kitsch, Bris Style and other stuff

Lots of little bits and pieces this week. Plus I am very proud of myself, I only spent one day visiting op-shops, and I had a chance to visit a motza that I don’t usually get to, but I remained strong, denying myself the impulse. I feel a better person for it. I do, I truly do. (she said, doth protesting too much!)

But before we get into all of that, I am pretty happy to announce that I am now a member of the Bris Style Team! They have gathered me into their arms and made me feel very welcome! Thank-you all for taking this little black duck in from the cold!  

Now back to the nitty and the gritty. Sparky rolled his eyes when he saw this one. It is a letter holder with a 3D Last Supper picture. Tres kitsch, but a great place to rest my address book.

Also an old Pascal lolly tin, and a kitsch koala spoon stand. It drives me crazy that people (no names) make a cuppa and leave the spoon on the counter, leaving sticky messes everywhere. Which resulted in the argument that the spoon rester has to be washed, so it doesn't make sense. Regardless, the spoon rester has stayed and WILL be used!

An old Australiana tablecloth in a great waffle weave, and with every Aussie animal imaginable, but somehow looking like some Arcadian English countryside.

More Kathie Winkle. I actually have a full six place setting of this design, but I broke two saucers recently…so…I thought…always need for more!

And lastly, some wonderful old carpentry tools. I’ll clean ‘em up a treat, give them a bit of oiling and hang them up on the wall.

Well, that is it for the Flea Market Finds this week in my little patch of paradise. Pop over the Sophies and have a gawk at everyone else’s treasures. Oh and one more thing, my internet is absolutely awful at the moment. Really, really slow plus we have had some kind of Trojan Horse that loads naked ladies on the screen, even when we haven't opened up the internet! I often try and leave comments on other blogs, but they just don't load...very frustrating. So lest you think I am being very rude and snobbish, I am trying to leave comments and visit everyone who visits me, I am just in a ghostly form at present. xxNick


  1. hope your connection gets better soon!

  2. your cathy winkle findsare alwas so amazing ... you have me on the look out too.
    My Flea Market Find

  3. have i just made a tour around australia, in a nut shell? that vintage aussie cloth... never seen that before, but is it ever wonderful! that's a treasure. as for all the other kitsch you seem to have gathered this week : way to go, girl. pure eye candy...
    ban the nakeds; i'd say (or try to). no worries.

  4. My Gran would fight you for that letter holder - and it wouldn't be pretty.

    No kidding, if it's 3D or a hologram or glow in the dark (uh... make that especially if it's glow in the dark) & Jesus-related she's on it.

    Her room at night is like a haunted house fair-ground ride for athiests....

  5. Wow, you've got some goodies there! Love the old tools...

  6. Loving the dinner set, so gorgeous.

  7. Loving the Kathie Winkle and the lolly tin, great finds.

  8. Lovin the Australiana tablecloth...but right down the bottom in the centre - are they hedge hogs?

  9. Lots of variety - I'm quite particular to those old tools - very nice!

  10. tools are super. Love that they will be on a wall somewhere instead of an old shed collecting dust!

  11. I heart Kathie Winkle! Great finds Nik.

  12. Some great finds there! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and best wishes for the planning too - go for it! Nic



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