Thursday, June 17, 2010

My creative space - Crochet Garlands and a Shameful Secret

I wandered over to Brunswick Heads on the weekend to attend their Old & Gold mammoth garage sale. It was garage sale heaven with more than 60 garage sales were held in the pretty little town. Being the thrifty Miss that I am, I didn't come away with alot, but one of my best finds was a box of lovely cream crochet flowers.

Now I can't crochet, or even knit really well. I tried again on the weekend with a trusty book of instruction, but I seem to be all fingers and thumbs. You see, my left-handed mother taught my right-handed self how to knit and crochet. As a result, I am quite spastic in the way I go through the motions. My aunt on seeing me in my sad but proud attempts screamed (and I mean screamed) "What are you doing Nick, that is not how you knit! You'll do yourself an injury!" I was scarred for life and was determined not to put myself in such a shameful situation again.

As a result, I bought a box of flowers to make into garlands. I can chain stitch, but I do it furtively, as I know I am not doing it 'quite' like normal people. I have put the garland in my back room (TV room for watching footy) which is really very masculine and mid-century modern, and they don't look out of place at all..they seem to balance everything out by giving a bit of feminity and prettiness.

I pictures don't really do it justice, as my camera is so appalling. As they look so pretty I am making them for my etsy shop...and that is my creative space for this week. Pop over to Kootoyoo for more creative goodness.


  1. What a find, those fowers make a gorgeous garland, I love it!

  2. I still struggle to crochet "properly" too - so a box full of pre-crocheted flowers is an amazing find - and they look lovely as a garland!

  3. I have to admit that even though I am a crochet-a-holic, evenI would buy those gorgeous flowers. Love them as a garland.

  4. I love them, I don't even think it's cheating... ;)

  5. I love them, they look like they were made to be garlands.



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