Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flea Market Finds - Frankie inspired room

Every time I go op-shopping, my daughter screams out,"If you see anything for me, get it!" She has gradually been putting together her Frankie inspired room for a few months now, so I thought I would show you some of the bits and pieces we have collected.

Bingo pieces-Grafton opshop, Wooden puzzle McLean Op-shop

Cushions-Casino Lifeline, Tablecloth/Bedspead-Adelaide oppy
My sis tells me that these kind of cushions are all over Sydney at the mo, but they are new. We like the old olive and gold colours

Plaster Dog-Farm auction, Copper girl, Mclean oppy

Collection of glass necklaces- everywhere

Bunnies-Lismore lifeline, Old books-Lismore Library

Big eyed girl picture-Salvos, Lismore
Beauty case-Tip shop
2nd hand books-Lismore Library

I won't even list all of these!

Whew...well that is some of the stuff we have collected, and like her dear old mum, she wants more! Pop over to Sophies and have  a squiz at at more treasures.


  1. Wow, so many lovely treasures! What a great room, love those cushions...

  2. A Frankie inspired room is a great idea, how old is your daughter? Miss Punk has already got quite a lot of vintage goodness in her room, but I wonder if she'll like it when she's older, I'm hoping, in that regard, that the apple does nae fall far from the tree... ;)

  3. wow, what a collection - i am keen to know your daughters age too - my little miss is developing a bit of an oppie style too...

  4. Wow, her room looks fabulous, what a gal!
    Melissa x

  5. Goodness - what a treasure trove. They look terrific how you have displayed them.

  6. the decorations look great already

  7. I love your treasures! I really like the owl on your bookshelf too, did you get that from an op shop?

  8. can i come shopping in your house? :)))

  9. I think you have done Frankie proud!

  10. My little girlie, is 17 going on 18. That doesn't stop her from liking anything cutesy (which is OK by me, as I don't think I could have coped with a Emo!) The owl is the prototype of lots of owls I am going to mmake with the vintage terry towelling. I am still working her out xxNick

  11. hello nick, thx for your visit. don't worry, will do (post pics & comments on the renovation in progress). i agree. every collection starts with 'one'. :))) bye for now.

  12. Your daughter's room must look amazing.Both my girls are alarmigly straight ... and it's so boring!
    My Flea Market Find

  13. love the room, those bunnies are adorable and the wooden puzzle very cute! : )



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