Friday, June 4, 2010

Hawking my wares

I have decided to be like Apple Annie (Guys and Dolls) and hawke my wares at some of the boutique type stores on the coast. Before I could do that though, I needed to organise better visual packaging, and so I devised a card that contains my beautiful bunting and garlands. The image I have used is from the 100 year old Ugly Duckling Book I found here. The swan is so joyous and happy! The lines are so simple, yet they evoke so much emotion.

To define the difference between bunting and garlands, I have placed miniatures on the front. I think they look very nice indeedy, and really succeed in giving a background and story to the garlands and bunting. Much more preferable to cellophane bags. Hopefully customers will want to pick them up and engage their imaginations in the product. I can but try! 

Hmm, on second thoughts maybe I won't be like Apple Annie, (she liked the gin too much) maybe Eliza a Doolittle?(too young?) No, I think I will turn out to be more like the evil stepmother in Snow White, all bent over and crone-like, basket on my arm, wizened fingers caressing and scratching at shop owners and croaking "Garlands my lovely?"


  1. the packaging looks so beautiful! WELL DONE!! I promise that if I see them I will buy one!!



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