Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flea Market Finds - Cardboard Lady and more Barkcloth

Marked Original Filmdruck Indanthren

The barkcloth heard the call of the siren and came to me this week. I found quite a few pieces, however, nothing outstanding. Please excuse the pics, I took them while the fabric was drying on the line. I  looked up Filmdruck and it simply means screen printing in German and Indanthren is a type of dye. Hmph, pretty banal. At least I know the fabric is German though.

Marked Tasman Design by Sheridan

It all goes on my modest barkcloth pile that I rarely touch...just look at.

 But the Oprah ah-ha moment, the big thrill of the week was when I peeked inside a cardboard box and found this.

It is a pristine, unused Form-o-matic dummy that has never been used! It was originally packed in 1974 and I believe I was the first person to touch it since then... the box was sealed.

It is comprised of a whole lot of flat-packed patterns of the female form, like a dress pattern, which are put together with special studs to create your own torso. Cool bananas!

Once I have put it together I will post a pic of the amazing..Form-o-matic! Pop over to Sophies for more Flea Market Finds.


  1. OMG! That pile of barkcloth is amazing!

    But that Form o matic dummy find is crazy!!
    You must be over the moon - especially as its never been opened!!!!!!!!



    Excuse me, but that Form O Matic is nigh on the best find I have ever seen through Flea Market Finds... Wow... just... wow.

  3. Oh geez Nick, I have a complete form-o-matic and it's one of my favourite things. I can't wait to see pic's of yours.

  4. That form-o-matic is an amazing find! Wow.

  5. oh wow, for the textiles (the quality actually reminds me of an auntie who had, i think, table cloths in that printed quality...). i also love the pegs that show through in the first pic? :)))
    but exCUSE me (too) for your next find...?? yes, looking forward to your set up!
    brilliant finds.

  6. Well I'll be! What an amazing find. You are one lucky duck! Can't wait to see your new friend all assembled and freed from her cardboard prison. Loving the bark cloth too. yay for you! xo

  7. How absolutely brilliant!! Lucky you. Those barkcloths are great prints too...

  8. The barkcloth is fantastic! Usually so hard to find in Australia.

  9. I'd love to see that dress torso up and a'workin' :)

  10. I have a modest stash of barkcloth too, I love the green one! Can't wait to see the assembled dress form!

  11. barkcloth is just delicious. your collection is perfect. i wanna see pics of the dress form up and about!

  12. wow - you are now the keeper of "the world's most amazing dress form" - got to love that! so glad it found its way to a good home...

  13. Oh my word, I am loving your barkcloth especially the green and blue. Can't wait to see the dummy in all its glory. Thank you, btw, for commenting on my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours - I'm your newest follower - yay!

  14. Cool cool cool! Love the form-o-matic and can't wait to see it assembled.

  15. I love your 'modest' pile of barkcloth. I particularly like the look of the brown and yellowy floral one near the middle.
    I always stare really hard at photos of fabric like this, wondering what they look like folded out!!
    Great finds!



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