Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Art Piece Gallery

Lat week, I made a trip to Art Piece Gallery in Mullumbimby to drop off my stock, which will be in the retail section of the next exhibition, and was surprised it had moved. It is now in the main street and is brighter, bigger and more beautiful.

The current show "fragile", an exhibition of textile and fibre art was breathtaking! I could have stayed there for an hour looking at everything reeeally closely! Particularly Louise Saxton's doily tree.

 I ended up buying a lovely little delicate copper crocheted bottle-top by Kate Maurice.

I've got quite an obsession with rusty old bottletops. Years ago at uni, I would pick up the bottletops in the carpark before lectures began. They had to be old and rusty. Don't ask me why. I could never figure out what to do with them.  Sounds like an old cat lady eh!

Imagine an old toothless crone, bent double, a scrunched plastic bag in her crooked arthritic fingers, "Loook ducky, at my lovely collection of rusted flattened bottletops! They are so precious!"

I finally, regretfully, threw my collection away. But I am very happy to have Kate's little bottletop on my wall. It brings a smile to my heart.

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