Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hawkin' me Wares and Tinkers

Recently, I have  got some gumption together and decided that if the mountain won't go to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain. I did the "circuit" a couple of weeks ago. The circuit being the round trip from Lismore to Alstonville, Ballina, Byron and Bangalow. Literally 'hawkin' me wares.'

On a whole it was a very fruitful and postive exercise. Apart form the woman at Ballina who took to me with a straw broom, chasing me out of her shop, screeching "NO TINKERS!", everyone was lovely.

I now have three stockists in the area and they are really lovely people. I know that I am bandying the word 'lovely' around but the fact is they are. You get a feeling for the spirit of people who truly believe in what they are doing. (Unlike the Tinker Hater! She definitely was NOT a kindred spirit)

Number one is the Little Art Shop in Alstonville, with Georgie Ward and her husband. They are a couple originally from the UK  and have set up a little art shop which is also a gallery, runs lessons and sells supplies and lovely objects. Kindred spirits. (KS)

Two, Echidna Place, Bangalow, was my last port of call on the day. It is owned by Aneka who is gorgeous, and another KS, particularly because she loved my work! Her shop carries childrens items from babies to teenagers. When you walk into the shop you get a comfortable feeling in your belly, unlike the Tinker Hater's shop where I felt I should be paying to stand on her threshold!

Three is Art Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby. I am popping an order over to Nadine this Friday. She saw my work in Echidna Place and like it enough to contact me. Art Piece showcases local and emerging artist of the North Coast area. I am quite sure she is NOT a Tinker Hater.

I have got to do another circuit, as I missed some quite a few people, basically as I cold-called, not making appointments ahead. But first I have to make more stock, as most of it was sold out, paricularly my doily jewellery. The response was so positive, it gave me a new lease of life. I feel as if I can make some sort of living making my art and craft. I just have to do some things that are out of my comfort zone, like put my Tinker cap on and hawk me wares!


  1. Congratulations & good for you! It does take guts to put yourself out there & I'm so glad you came accross more lovers than haters.. the last time I tried it I was so nervous & came across more of the shoooing kind than the happy embracing kind..your work is great, of course people will want it in their stores,so exciting, well done!

  2. Absolutely fantastic!! Gutsy & well done :) your beautiful work in beautiful places!
    I did see it last week by accident! At georgies!! - your packaging is especially eyecatching, lovely lovely :). nell

  3. Well done! That is pretty hard to do, but lucky you got a good (except for the Tinker hater - booo!) reception. Nic

  4. I just love your area so much. last year when visiting my BB friend had lunch at a lovely cafe-plant nursery in Alstonville...can't remember the name.
    And EVERY shop in Bangalow is beautiful! And the market!
    Good luck with your spruiking!



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