Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Made It

I nearly forgot! I have been so busy making stock that I forgot to mention that I now have a store on Made It. I have already made a sale so am feeling peachy keen! And...I am featured on "The new quick seller 5!" this week.

Pretty exciting. I don't want to crow or go into too much detail, it is bad luck and it will come back to bite me , but I have had a wonderful week.  I know things go in cycles, and maybe this is a peak, and I count my blessings and hope that I will not plummet to the depths of despair when things are not going so splendidly. (If you didn't know it already, Anne of Green Gables was quite an obsession with me as a young 'un, and I tend to mimic her words when I am fraght with emotion!)

My store is looking a bit bare, as yes, I have sold out of alot of my stock to local stockists. I am itching, positively itching, to get to work and make more stuff. I think I have managed to corner the market on most of the Little Golden Books in the Northern Rivers for my banners. When the ladies in the op-shops see me coming they rub their hands in glee!

I still have my Etsy store and the other day learnt that the unlikely CAN and WILL happen. Two people on opposing sides of the world who both desire the exact same objects at the exact same moment in time! I kid you not! I nearly had a coronary! It all worked out OK, but is there a likelihood of it happening again?Methinks not. I will continue to play with fire and list most of my items on both.


  1. That is one fabby cushion. I absolutely love it! Well done you!

  2. Congratulations Nick. The made it store is looking exciting. Wishing you lots more weeks like this one :)



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