Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fussy Work

This piece of gorgeous retro barkcloth was all but ruined by its original owner who obviously didn't share my phobia of cutting willy-nilly into precious fabric. My sister calls it fussy work, when you cut massive chunks from a fabric, I call it barbarism!

I managed to salvage some fabric to make four adorable cushions complete with white pom-poms and black & white gingham back.

Such a pity I didn't have more. Now I will have to do my own fussy work with the scraps.


  1. Ohhh fussy work, that's a new one, I agree with you! Love your cushions, gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful week.xo

  2. Really really cute, love this cushion.

  3. Oh more lovely cushions. You did well to salvage that fabric.

  4. they look amazing..nice work! (ps. totally guilty of fussy work in the past..to use in my artwork, but i totally understand your pain when i find it like this at an oppy!)



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