Friday, July 23, 2010

My creative space - paper paper everywhere

Dearie dearie me! I have been so busy filling orders, I have neglected the olde blog.

Yesterday I ran all over the North Coast trying to find fringing for a new batch of cushions that I am making. I drove fom Lismore to Ballina, popping in at every oppy on the way. We are talking nine shops in all. Pretty slim pickin's out there! I got one, yes duckies, one plastic coathanger for my sis and her collection.

Luckily, this morning I finalised everything with a wholesaler in Sydney, so hopefully I won't be in the position of travelling fifty kilometres anymore for a bit of fringing!

Anyhoo, it is very chilly up here today. We haven't had a frost yet, but I am feeling the cold in my bones. There is not much to do than to bunker down in front of the fire. I just made the trip up to our little General Store and purchased some necessary items, a Toblerone and a cake mix at very inflated prices...but I am desperate. I rarely make up cakes from mixes, but I am wanting me some childhood comfort food at the mo, so White Wings sultana cake it is!

Today I am slowly hand cutting all of my paper shapes for a big order of garlands.

My camera has finally died and so I can't show you the massive pile of paper hearts and flowers that I have in front of me, next to the fire, next to my toblerone, next to my cuppa... This picture is about a twentieth of the pile I currently have in front of me! I make sure that I separate the Bach from the Mozart from the Beethoven. I am so paranoid that some savant will see the notes and know the composer immediately. (After all, give me a sentence from Little Women or Anne of Green Gables and I reckon I could place it)

Pop over to Kootoyoo and see what other creatives are up to.


  1. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Some comfort food, a cuppa and a warm fire. Hope your week has been lovely. x

  2. Your space sounds and looks lovely and cosy. I'm totally with you on Anne of Green Gables - I know it verbatim! P.S. You should try Melbourne if you think it's cold up there ;o)

  3. OH I loved the Anne books & movies. & your paper piles are impressive! Wow!

  4. So many paper shapes! I am sure there are many who would be able to regognise Little Women- I do love that book so. I am sure your garlands will look amazing when you have finished :)

  5. those paper garlands are going to look great!



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