Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flea Market Finds - Filling up the spaces!

It has been weeks since I have done a FFF! That is not for want of buying and trawling, mind you! My sis came to stay a couple of weeks ago and stated in no uncertain terms that I have been collecting too much stuff!

For a girl who used to love,"Clean lines. It's all about surfaces sweetie!" (misquoted from Ab Fab), I have certainly done a complete turn around. I think I will have to de-clutter soon, but I will think about it another day.

Okay, first cab off the rank. A 'Butterflies Game'. I got this for the board as I have begun a collection of game boards. Yes, I now have three vintage board games (Hide 'n' Seek, Totopoly and Butterflies) and that officially constitutes a collection. I have no idea where I will put them, but I have a collection nevertheless.

My sis would be freaking out as she has an aversion to butterflies and frankly, the little cardboard butterfly models do look a bit creepy and slug like...kind of like zombie butterflies, but they have given me a seed of an idea to create something. (My teenage daughter asked me in all seriousness recently if I had a Zombie Plan. I had to admit that I did not, so I will have to get cracking on that one, because, when butterflies start looking like zombies, maybe there is a possibility of the need for a Plan!)

Next a little birdy. I used to have an aversion to this type of little ceramic doo-dad. But I like birds, so I think as long as I keep it simple and don't clutter the whole house with thousands of birds and butterflies I will stay safe. Balance is what I need, balance!

Last but not least, for my sis, I got this old wooden hem ruler for her collection. It is very nice and industrial looking with a lovely metal slide. It leans to the left so would be perfect for a woman with a gammy leg!

Pop over to Sophies to see more goodies.


  1. i love how you're collecting old board games. I have a few (well, probably about 3 as well actually) must dig them out!

  2. Great finds....I agree, the butterflies are a little creepy but cool none the less. Hope you have a happy week.x

  3. cool finds, my girlfriend gave my kids all of her vintage board games, we've managed to keep a couple intact thankfully. Have a great week.


  4. Love your board! I have collected a whole bunch of vintage boards. I ended up nailing them right to the wall!!! Cheap and graphically pleasing. :) My son even requested I move them to his room.

  5. that wooden hem roller really is something! i wouldn't worry too much about the butterflies... they are transitional. there's hope. :)))



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