Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I meant to post this yonks ago, but as as for many things, time got away from me.  It was an exhibition at the Lismore Regional Gallery, by Tasmanian model maker Warren Thomas, called Boxworld. In short, it was riveting. Miniature is so enticing, you want to step into its fantasy world.

After visiting a Lego exhibition with his children years ago, Mr Thomas was inspired to follow suit. He couldn't afford Lego, so began using everyday ephemera such as milk cartons and conflake packets. (My sister and I used to do the same when we made our Barbie furniture, creative little folk that we were!)

 This exhibition took up an entire room and apparently it is three times as large again. It would be mightily impressive to view the whole metropolis.

And the most important shop of all, an op shop! (Sorry about the wonky camera work, these were taken by my phone.)


  1. How wonderful Nick. An op-shop too. Wow!

    Thanks for your nice comments, quick answer to your question: we sold house in blog header last year (sigh) and are now renovating an old corner storage space, nearly all treasure stored in two sheds. Can't remember half of what we have! x

  2. Nick, I've been looking at more of your blog and had to say love your tea towel cushions and your story about getting all dolled-up for your daughters ball. Very funny. Thank God parents weren't invited to my daughters ball last was enough of an ordeal getting her ready!

  3. Hey Nick - you want spoons? I'll send you spoons! Still hundreds and thousands of them at op-shops here in Perth!



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