Sunday, March 27, 2011

Retail therapy

A bit of retail therapy does wonders for the soul. I toddled off to Bangalow Markets today and had a very productive day, very uplifting. Firstly, I keyed up a place for a stall up at the Moller Pavilion for the next market. It will be the Bluesfest weekend, so hopefully will be busy. I am one of those pernitickity folk who hates mud in between my toes and rain on my paper goods so the Moller Pavilion is just the ticket, warm and cosy and dry.

These are the goodies that I collected today. There was a garage sale around the corner from the market which was a treasure trove. I got the hand reel, fabric, clown, two bill spikes (so I can be organised) and an old engineering book with fabulous illustrations which will be used in my collages. (Now that I have looked at them again I am thinking screen printing the illustrations...they are wonderful, stay tuned)

The old matchbook sign was from the markets, as was the blue thingamagig, which is in reality a wool winding contraption. I am going to use it on my stall to display  my garlands.  The wallpaper was got from Aurora in Bangalow...lovely vintage embossed.

The gift tags are some I am currently selling, made with dress patterns. I am using some vintage blue silk that I got from Kyogle.  A lady who makes  vintage doll clothes was destashing and I got a few bits and bobs. The nice thing about the silk is that it is very Miss Haversham...very fragile and coming apart in places, but lovely still.

I will sell on  Mr Clown, but he is quite a nice and jolly clown and not at all he might hang around for a bit. The wallpaper is going to be some cards and the fabric will either be cushions or sold  as is. It is thrilling just to be able to have a bit of successful retail therapy...after such a crappy day yesterday, so I have had my fix and am trying not to mind when I part with them.

Pop over to Sophies and Apron Thrift Girl to see some more goodies


  1. What yummy things bet you are still smiling I see you have a file draw thingy.I bought one the same a couple of months back too.

  2. Hey Nick, fantastic finds. Thanks for visiting Olive and Esther today. Love Bangalow and their monthly markets. Lucky you to live so close. I also bought some of that brown and orange wallpaper from Aurora last time I was there. Still working out what to do with it. That little town is a goldmine of retroness.

  3. Hey Nick, you had some great finds as well!! Love the wood spool and organizer. I agree with you, retail therapy works wonders!

  4. Some cool finds there, but I really love your vintage matches sign in the background - would be perefct for my red-haired aunt who loves her antiques!

  5. wow, great things, love! like going to a specialized shop... n♥

  6. Your yarn winder is beautiful!

  7. what wonderful, beautiful interesting things you found...I'm terribly jealous!

    Love your blog btw

  8. Really loving that old redheads sign! Classic!



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