Monday, March 28, 2011

Proud as Punch

I am a very proud sibling today as my sister Linda is increasing her family and realising her dreams...she now has a shop that she shares with her friend Lisa  at Mitchell Road Antique and Design Gallery.

I have never been to Mitchell Road, but I often read people rave about it in magazines. No longer a Street Tinker, or a Barrow Chick she is a fully fledged Proprietor! Good on you sis! I am not sure if the girls have named the shop, as it is shared, but my sisters official stall name is Wilma Vintage.

If you happen to live in Sydney, pop by their little sister has a nose for fabulous finds. She is like a bloodhound, and from the sound of it, even after a week they will have a high turn around with wonderful new goodies every week.


  1. Oh its just the type of shop I want to have myself.I do wish I lived down there just so I could drop in and have a sticky.

  2. Hi Nick! I have a mountain of golden books for you! - its been ages! since meeting you at the Carboot Market -- Do you have an email address? to get in touch - lots of Mickey Mouse!
    Thanks! Nell :)

  3. Oh lovely! Next time I get some "time off" from the kids I'm definitely going to pay a visit :-)



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