Monday, March 21, 2011

Merch chick at the Art Gallery

I almost forgot. ...for this month I am a "Merch Chick" at the Lismore Regional Art Gallery. My vintage garlands and bunting are available in the foyer.

I feel a bit guilty as the current exhibition is a very political one, dealing with trauma and war, and there sitting in the foyer are images of the complete opposite subjects. But maybe, in that respect it works, and the childish innocence of my objects brings the subject of the exhibiting artworks into focus. Hmmm.

Khadim Ali, [Untitled] 2011, water-colour, gouache and ink on paper, courtesy of The Cross Art Projects


  1. Hello Nick I found your blog from a comment you made on someone elses.Guess what I am an old Lismore gal.Great to meet you am going to be stalking oops I mean following you now lol

  2. pretty picture of you garland

  3. i am beguiled by the drawing of the artist you've added. just so sorry i can't come and soak up some of this, if grim, inspiration...
    i shouldn't worry too much about your own input. if ever, it lends an opposite insight on war. yin and yang?
    on drawing : wonderful that you should join the gathering drawing group of wonder!
    Stephanie performs as a host for next week's theme with 'blossom'. i'm sure she will mention this in her (probable) today post on 'letter from the alphabet'. as i've mentioned before you can read up on the initiative by the founder at Textilspanieln, and upwards from there, just to give you a bit of an idea.

    till then, till draw?
    ps - could you possibly send me an e-mail, just use my adress on my blog. i seem to be commenting but here, but it may sometimes be more practicle to communicate via e-mail?



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