Saturday, March 19, 2011

Frankie Pressie

I love presents, particularly surprise presents, and especially those which arrive in the mail.  I wonder why a parcel in the mail is more exciting than any other kind of present? I even love it when you are expecting something, like a magazine subscription, an amazon order or an etsy purchase. The fact that it is collected from the mailbox adds a certain excitement to it. (Disregarding the black snake  who seems to be stalking me at the letter box)

But I digress...the other day I received a surprise present from Frankie magazine for being a long time subscriptor (is that a word....subscriptee??) I was so moved that I began to weep a little weep, 'cos the pressie is so sweet.
It is a lovely squirrel necklace from Corky St Clair. So gorgeous! Thanks Frankie and thanks Corky...your gift really lifted my spirits.

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