Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's Go Shopping

I am feeling particulary out of sorts today, got the mean reds, so I thought I should do something constructive and join the Bris Style "Let's Go Shopping" meme. If I didn't so something constructive, I would have to hit the bottle like Brick (aka gorgeous hunkola Paul Newman) in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and "not stopped 'til the switch clicked in my head". I think I will have to do a seperate post on Paul Newman, but it will have to wait.

I admit that I have been a bit lazy and taken these from my first treasury How about a cuppa? which, I must say took an excessively long amount of time to complete. (I think two and half hours) Is it just me in my negative state, or are those crafty Etsy folk getting the populace to do their job? Hmmm. Anyway, thankyou Bris Stylers for including my Hearts and Flowers Garland.

Spotted Deer Family Lime Chiffon Faux Cake Sculpture
Kooky Crafts
His Hers Teacup Set


  1. Wow that cake is unreal! And love Trixie Delicious. Big fan.

    Thanks for sharing. T x

  2. Lovely choices - hope the week end's looking up for you. Remember 'this too will pass'. x

  3. love love love trixie...have a 'f****r' plate of my own! gotta love deers on cakes. hope you're feeling better. x



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