Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art blocks

I thought the ol' blog needed a bit of colour, a bit of pizzazz after the last couple of Tassie posts so I will sneak this Our Creative Spaces post in today. (It has been so long since I have posted a creative post that I didn't know that My creative Space has become Our Creative Spaces...get with the programme Nick!) I also realised yesterday that  Bangalow Markets is on this weekend, and so am frantically making stock.
These are some more collage art blocks that I have been making from vintage papers and fabrics. I was lucky enough to buy a large amount of black and white piping at an oppy when I went ot see Oprah in December, and was racking my brains on different ways to use it.
They are part of  the 'Love is...' range and can be hung on the wall, or being chunky bits of vintage wood, can stand quite substantially on a surface.
I hate any kind of vintage waste and love to recycle. So much so, that I keep all of the off-cuts and covers from the Little Golden Books that are cut up for banners. (Serious 'Hoarder' behaviour I know. I can imagine my husband given the duty to help clean up my studio. He holds up a square inch of cardboard and asks, "Can I throw this out?" I dive across the room, trying to snatch the cardboard from his hands, screaming, "Nooooo! I am going to make something out of that!"
These larger blocks are made from the cardboard covers of the Little Golden Books. Very much like Rosalie Gascoigne whom I adore. I have actually been doing these for years from all kinds of media like lino and old timber doors, and after racking my brains of ways to use these covers, came up with these.  
I will be at Bangalow Markets this weekend, up nice and dry and away from the wind in the Mollier Pavilion. If your in the area, please come up and say g'day, and pop over to Our Creative Space for more creative goodness.


  1. Oh! I love them Nick...I really want to buy one, can I? I love the one with diagram of an eye and the stripey Little Golden books ones.
    You are so clever. Please let me know if you can send one over.

  2. wow... very interesting use of 'blocks of wood' to say nothing of the LGB and all!! ♥

  3. Its not hoarding if you can find ways to use it! Bravo on your picture blocks and best to luck for a happy fun profitable market.

  4. Wow they look great! Are they for mounting on the wall?

  5. nice! i love vintage images
    hugs from chile

  6. Dear Nick, I like your work a lot. Best, Antje

  7. These are fabulous! Found your blog through Lakota's charity swap :o) Scarlett x

  8. I love these! Especially the children's book covers. They would look great in a group of nine.



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