Monday, May 23, 2011

A log by any other name...

I have written before here of the fun that I have at Carrington Street Antiques and Collectables, here in Lismore. For those who haven't read about it, Adam places pieces strategically around the shop that he has become a bit tired of seeing. They are usually fifty cents or one dollar. I love it, becuase it is just like a treasure hunt. I always buy the items, no matter how ugly (err interesting) they are.
Last Thursday I got this doozy! It is a very large ceramic vase...maybe for ikebana, except that it kind of defeats the purpose of ikebana if the timber used is a ceramic replica.  Anyhoo, I placed an egg next to it so that you can see the dimensions (It is a very large egg from my chooks, not a small battery raised one, the photograph doesn't quite do justice to its size)

It was a real conversation starter. As I visited shops in town, people would srtike up conversations, and Val, the shop assistant in Spotlight, wanted to buy it from me. Ofcourse I should have sold it on immediately, but I wanted to come home and photograph it for the blog, so that everyone could celebrate its glory!

Other bits and bobs, a napkin or paper holder, leather belt, teak dish (I don't know why I love these as much as I do). Hmm, this weeks haul is looking a bit brown.
I will finish off with a bit of colour.
 Pop over to Sophies and ATG for other goodies


  1. Nick, very keen to visit the Carrington st Antique Centre, it sounds like so much fun. One day....

  2. Makes me want to get down Lismore way again lol May not be to next school reunion tho and thats due next year if we have one so will have to come meet you.

  3. OOH love that wallpaper!! Good hunting!

  4. I love that first vase/planter, kind of whacky but fun. The steak/burger platter is great too, self-identifying kitchen objects are my favorite.

  5. I like the last pic best Nick, but I am quite partial to that melamine plate.

  6. ha ha ha..... brown... well, that's alright though, true thrifter-at-heart... i dunno what to say about the vase, 'cept that it looks stunning next to the egg, and in your interior...!

  7. Oh Nick I am soo glad you can comment again.I went to LHS finished in 1980 we have a an FB group for people that went there from 1979-1982 if he did.
    Maiden name was Miller.Did you go to school there too?
    Ha mu hubby is the same can go fishing all day with some new friend and for the life of him have no idea their name when he gets home.
    Would love to go opping with you.Used to be a great hunting ground back in the early 80s.
    I will make it down there again one day was easier when we lived in Yamba and Stanthorpe Yes I am a Gypsy lol

  8. Bet he would know a few from my school years and a few I went to primary school with.Does he know a Bryson Coverdale? I had the hugest crush on him and he was at RRH too lol Where did you go to school?My email is in my profile if you want to email me and I am on skype as well.

  9. Great finds! I love that pineapple! I'm crazy about tiki-type items lately. I want one!



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