Friday, May 20, 2011

Tassie trip: It is all about the destination

We hit the road early and started for Launceston. (Blue thread today.) Sorry guys if this is getting boring...but I am determined to document it.

We hit the coast with stunning views of the water and a road that followed the coast. We should have turned left to Wynyard, apparently it is oppy wonderland, but I was feeling sorry for Sparky and the long hours that he had driven, so 'right' it was.
Sparky  was getting increasing stressed as he had to get his NRL Fantasy League tips in.(NRL=National Rugby League, and it is the church of my husband!)) He was going cold turkey! We had been without internet for three days. No-one in Tassie had a NSW newspaper. I know, we stopped and checked every newsagency we could. There was nothing on the news at night about the NRL. It was as if we were living in a world where NRL wasn't important! Wait, we were! Such a place exists! I should have been happy, but I could read his body language. It said we must get to our accommodation before 4.30pm. That would give him time to put in his team. Bugger, it all being about the journey, today was all about the destination.

I still managed a few goodies in the mad rush of the day. There is two metres of plain Irish Linen in that pile. Yahoo!
We stayed at Rosevears Vineyard  which was fabulous accommodation after the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village. The Tamar Valley was gorgeous, with vinyeards, water and hills. Very pretty. We decided to go down to the Rosevears Pub for dinner and we were mighty glad we did. We walked into the front bar, which was chock-a-block full of people,and a nice roaring fire. Very English.

view from our window

As we entered everyone in the room turned around to look at us.(Obviously our cover was blown!) Within minutes a bloke came up and introduced himself to us, then another, then another, then another, then another! Then the women came over and asked if we had had anything to eat! (some food had been bought out) It was mind boggling. I have never met such open, friendly people. I go up to our local pub and no-one will look at me let alone talk to me! (I have lived here 20 years!) One bloke even invited us to his house! Another invited us out to dinner that night!
We just  threw something old on and headed down to the pub for dinner.
Did they think we were somebody famous...Brad and Angelina, perchance? Nicole and Keith? We are such good looking people that  surely we can't be ignored for long in a crowd. Ha-ha! Those locals were lovely and really made us feel special after a grinding day on the road. OK we were strangers, but they took us on face value, warts and all and made us feel so welcome! This night was voted best experience of the trip!

Tomorrow- Launceston, a new stockist and a brilliant cafe!


  1. Sounds like a lovely friendly place! Glad you got some bargains along the way.

  2. NO NO NO not getting boring, I'm loving it.

    When I was about 12 Mum and Dad took us on a very similar road trip (-the op shops), and I drew our progress every day on a Shell Map, and got 'stamps' in our 'Passport' every day at the petrol stations, (that was some sort of holiday promotion) 1960 December... it was a wonderful holiday and seeing your TeaTowel almost made me cry. I no longer have that map or 'passport'

    Looking forward to Launceston.♥



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