Sunday, May 15, 2011

Op shop frenzy

I didn't get as much booty as I thought in Tassie, so since I have been back I have been making up for it...big time baby! The op-shop gods have certainly shone on moi this week. Here is a little snippet of what I have bought these last four days from oppies and a garage sale. Sorry for the boredom factor guys. Oh and before I forget...Nellie I haven't been able to comment on your blog for while...Blogger won't let me. Not sure what the problem is, but you mentioned that you had left a box unticked??

First up, this fabulous childrens book with retouched black and white photos. I am not sure of the publishing date, but all photos were taken at South West Rocks, NSW. Obviously made before computers, these dolls have been placed in the landscape or cut and pasted to make the story. Classic.

 Next up, this fabulous unused barkcloth cushion with gold print.

A set of cotton Scottish vintage sheets and other linen pieces. Got from a garage sale in the country...I was too late for all of the real bargains. But I must not regret lost opportunities because I was too lazy to get up early. These are wonderful with a lovely pintuck detail on the top.

A completed tapestry, or Hobein and some gorgeous tiny little pins from England. I have no idea what these pins would have been used for, they are just ove a centimetre long.

A snazzy magazine rack with a wooden handle.

Where oh where is Doomadgee! North of the Nulla Nulla.These placemats will eventually be cut up, if I can ever get off Blogger.

And this lovely copper jug with 1/2 pint punched on the side and some kind of Art Nouveau marking on the lip. Definitly not CopperArt!

There is more...lots and lots more, but I am sure that it is enough for today.
Playing with Sophie today and Apron Thrift Girl tomorrow, head on over and see all the goodies.


  1. in return to your manga remark... well! i hadn't thought of that... ;) nothing educational about these though, since these are figurines used on... communion cake (when the family is throwing a party for the young ones coming of age, 12 more or less). so yes, religious connotation.
    nw on to your finds. yes to the tapestry of course, the heavenly mise-en-scene to the dolls, the bark cloth design sure is fantastic indeed.
    now! onto your previous post i zipped over last nite. tara!

  2. I recall there being a Doomadgee in Far North Queensland. Up near the Gulf. A wild, remote Aboriginal community.

    Great finds. Seeing finds like yours make me all excited! Happy times.

  3. oh great finds! love the little coathanger too. We used to holiday near South West Rocks when I was a kid, would spend the day there near the Lighthouse♥ ahhh happy memories.

  4. I just saw your message to me everyone else has been able to comment as I fixed it weeks ago. what a shame its not working for you keep trying tho or email me anytime I love hearing from bloggers anytime anyhow.

    Love your finds those books still creep me out always have always will lol its like some of the books where animlas are dressed like people ewwww shudder some are sooo creepy.

  5. Hi Nick, of course I like it all...the sea urchin book is slightly spooky...just something about the expression on the dollies faces that's all.
    Love barkcloth and placemat. Looking forward to seeing more.

    p.s. re your comment about committing to one style: I can't either...just like you I'm all over the shop.

  6. The book is so very "Barbarella" - a little creepy but good! I think the little pins may be used to pin sequins and beads onto balls to create Xmas decos? Lovely linen - overall I'd say you have indeed been smiled upon by the op shop gods!

  7. The best oppys and collectable shops in Tassie are up north (Wynyard is one of my favs).

  8. Fab finds Nick - loving the magazine rack and the coat hanger especially. I know you can get tiny fine pins for silk fabric - supposed to not leave holes - so maybe for that? Not sure why they need to be so short as well though.

  9. How cute is that doll book? Love the magazine rack and sheets especially.

  10. Great Finds Nick! I have a copy of the Sea Urchin too, my 3 year old thinks it's scary andI have to agree with her (but I still love it).

    I've been having the same issue leaving comments on blogger. I think it has to do with the browser. I was using Opera, but have now switched to Google Chrome and can comment again. Hope this helps.

  11. Loving the bark cloth and the magazine rack.

  12. Love love that copper jug. That's adorable.

  13. Love that magazine rack. The copper jug is amazing too. I've never seen anything quite like it.

  14. What time and work that must have taken to perfectly position or cut and paste those dolls! So cool. Thanks for sharing. :)



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