Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have been busy this week, going to a fabulous auction, and making some orders for some special people. Kate has kicked me into gear. She asked if I could do  a 'Sweet Love' hessian banner to go with some garlands that she ordered for her engagement party. 
I have been meaning to get my screen printing gear out and start working on some ideas for over a year now...but was always a bit lazy about it. Now I have started and realised that it was a more enjoyable process to do at home than when I did it at uni, I think it is another technique I will now add to my  repetoire.

These are my two faves, the bright orange flowers looked a bit garish as a hanky, but they look great next to the vintage sheet music "Schubert:Duos fur Piano und Violine, Opus 70,159,160 und 162, Edition Peters"

I have been trying to leave comments on heaps of sites for the last couple of days. Something is wrong with my Blogger and it won't allow me to communicate with people. I have become mute!


  1. oh very pretty decorations.

  2. Hhmmm I agree, I just tried to leave a comment over at kit and nancy and it didn't seem to register...see if this works!

  3. Ha, it did! Keep trying!!!!!! :-D

  4. Love the hessian banner well done.

  5. all those hearts... exactement what i needed.
    thank you so much for your heartfelt comment, i've just read it.... what a rocky road, you guys...
    i'm keeping fingers crossed, for all of us.
    a big hug and ♥. cheers, nadine



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