Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quack, quack

I won't say anything about the Royal Wedding (although I just have) as I am obsessed with all things Royal and I would go on for pages...instead something completely unrelated DUCKS!

Have a squiz at this wonderful Donald Duck and Pluto bedroom light. I got it about a month ago at the Lismore Showground Auctions because I have memories of a girl who lived up the road from me as a child (lets call her CJ), who had a night light similar to this one, and I coveted it. I am now a very old, wizened and grey woman, bent over with age and the burdens of life...and am not afraid of the dark. As a result I have bought a useless child's night light. I have however  had the thrill of the emotional buy, and will, "sell it on sweetie!"

To continue on the duck theme, we have a wonderful antique megashop here in Lismore run by Adam, called Carrington Street Bazaar. Popping into the shop the other day I purused the shelves, (looking for more stuff to fill that empty hole) and my eagle eyes found, to my surprise these two Brazilian ducks for $2.00 the pair! They are quite large, 25 cm long and 18cm high. When I asked if it was the correct price, Adam replied it was, and that he was sick of looking at them, so he had priced to sell. Crikeys! What a thrill, but more was to come duckies!

He told me that there was another item 'priced to sell' hidden on the shelves. With the assistance of Sparky, the treasure hunt was on.  As many of 'us' run on the adrenelin of the chase and the possibility of a bargain,  I am sure all of you can appreciate my excitement levels. I was nearly wetting myself!
Sparky eventually found it.

The prize, I admit was not dazzling. It is a plaster cast of an indigenous male, painted silver. Politically incorrect, but a sign of the time that it was made in. I bought it for 50 cents because it was a bargain, and it was fun participating in the treasure hunt, and a damn sight cheaper that the Lifeline around the corner who seems to think have transformed from Op-shop to Antique Shop.

I am always looking for vintage children's game boards to frame. (Please excuse the bad cropping) I found this Sands, '56 Games', at the RSPCA shop.  The games boards are double sided, so I will have to pick the best sides. Great graphics and colours. I would love to have all of the original game boards, although where I would put them? I literally have piles of treasures/junk/stuff. I am not a Hoarder...yet, but it seems by watching the show, you just need one traumatic event in your life, one little bit of adversity, and your hobby spirals out of control to become a world wide television event. I will just have to remain calm.

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  1. oh those game boards are terrific!

  2. Your void filling comment hit me as I think amny of us hunters do it for that reason.The thrill of th ehunt is also very addictive.Last time I went opping in Lismore was about 3 years ago and the prices were crazy then Dont think Id be going again anymore.I used to do St Vinnies many years ago and it was so good I picked up wonderful things (back in the 80s)Now? no wont pay their crazy prices.

  3. Oh I wish I was there and would have bought that VW bus toy and the mushrooms. Do you ever shop in other peoples photos too?

  4. damn, woman! you crack me up...
    i was thinking just such a thought on cardboard games yesterday... i'm quite falling for the old vintage box, or two or ten.
    what i usually do is take the smaller parts out and throw away the board. er, i need to add, my boards aren't beautifully vintaged as yours! and i'm only doing that to alphabet & number games, convincing myself i'm not hoarding all the bits'n'pieces, rather talking myself into 'am-going-to-do-something-SO-worth-it-with-it', 'soon-ish'.
    anyway, and quack, quack!

  5. hee hee - the thrill of the chase often exceeds the thrill of the obtained - in matters of the heart and the op-shop!

  6. all fab stuff as usual Nick...looks like you're well on the road to recovery...I think these lovely new treasures of yours are just what the Doctor (or perhaps I should say Quack) ordered!
    Seriously though I'm glad you're feeling well enough to hit the shops again.
    Love DD lamp - I have two Humphrey B Bear lamps, but my husband refuses to let me have them in our bedroom....

  7. I'm hearing you on the prices, our local oppies are getting out of control, takes the fun out of it. loving the boardgames...

  8. LOL! Love the commentary and laughed hard at the 'fill the hole' comment. So true, so true!!

    Fun finds-do you plan to do something with the indigenous fellow or will you keep him in silver?

  9. The duck light is fantastic, I can understand why you couldnt resist!
    Sorry had no chance to catch up, easter and no staff has made me very busy but will be in touch when have some time to come for a wonder down your way :)

  10. I just love the cheery illustrations of vintage board games!! Great finds and thanks for stopping by!



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