Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project Day:Electric candles

I am determined to be more creative, so much like Beach Vintage I will undertake one project a week. I will not set myself too high a goal, it must be something I have made or transformed.
My husband, always considerate,recently bought me home a box of old electrical insulators. (He has been instructed to be always on the look out for anything that may be worthwile salvage.) Some of them are very rare, and are stamped with "Made in Occupied Japan."

A fair few had to be thrown out as they we chipped and cracked. Normally I would hoarde and keep things for a rainy day but I am being strong and editing from my life that which is damaged.
All that was needed was the removal of cabling and a thorough washing. Luckily I had visited Ikea and stocked up on candles. Voila!

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