Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Tisket a Tasket

One of my dreams in beoming a "Earth Mother Country Woman",  is to stroll through my vege patch, basket on arm with a Laura Ashley floral skirt, all-a-flowing-and-billowing quite charmingly, and pick the produce of the day. All the while I am channelling Anne of Green Gables and maybe Laura Inglis (Little House on the Prarie) and moving ethereally through the landscape like some beautious Victorian heroine.

Well, I am most of the way there. On a recent trip to Adelaide I picked up these two colourful baskets for my harvesting rituals. (Sounds a bit Children of the 

do fill up a basket every couple of days mostly with cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplant. However, I am usually dressed in my husbands castoff workshirts, full of holes and stains, and about five sizes too big for me. My graceful meanderings ususally translate to  running into massive spiderwebs (because I am short sighted) and having my hair full of half digested spider meals and cobwebs. On the occasion that the spider is actually in residence, I run shrieking through the orchard, tripping over and bumping into anything in my way. 'Tis true, I am the picture of grace and elegance.

I will perservere. My next goal is to get some attire very much like those chicks in Country Living wear...and maybe some glasses.

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  1. Well at least you are telling us how it really is. It still sounds great.



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