Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, here is our first blog. We are two sisters separated by distance, but together in our hearts. We have been trawling op-shops and garage sales for years trying to find that treasure amongst the trash. It has become an obsession and a therapy. The pieces that we find are individual and unique.  When you are feeling low, there is no other feeling like trotting off to Vinnies with $2.00 in your pocket and coming home with a veritable treasure trove! Lou has become so successful at it that she has set up a small stall at Vintage Fairs and markets in Sydney. She has a nose like a bloodhound for a bargain and an eye for the fabulous!
You will also be sharing Nick's attempts to become an Earth Mother, living creatively and authentically, and in Gods Country, in little green valley near Lismore. The image is the view from her lounge room window.
This blog was inspired by a sermon given at our mothers funeral. It stuck a chord with both of us and delivered some solace. Join us on our journey to finding beauty in life.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you. Nick and Lou

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