Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wildlife on the farm

Giddy Goannas

One of the things that make life worth living in the country is the abundance of wildlife that shares our space.
This last week has seen a couple of very hungry, very cheeky goanna's come visiting. The are each about a metre long, from nose to tip of tail, with one of them, probably the male having bright yellow markings.
They targeted the chook house first, sending the girls into a frenzy and proceeded to feast on the eggs everday.  They soon moved on after we squirted them with the hose only to climb our very tall trees in search of poor little birdy eggs.  If Lou would have seen them she would have had a coronry!

They are pretty amiable though and not at all agressive.

Penny Turtles

Yesterday my husband and I went to feed the chooks, looked down to the grass and found to our amazement little turtles were everywhere! They would have just hatched and were heading down to the dam which is about 80 metres away! What a long and dangerous hike for such little bitty fellas.
We collected them all up, (we found nine) and took them to the water edge and placed them on a lily pad. Within minutes they jumped into the water. We hope we have helped them survive but more than likely they were gobbled up by a bird or eel, because they need the long march to gain strength and co-ordination.

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