Thursday, January 28, 2010

Suitcases and ballet dancers

My daughter and I did another op-shop run today. She has inherited "the eye" from her aunty explaining that she senses a bargain. I think she may soon become an op-shop guerilla and start infiltrating that sacred of all places, the back sorting room. She has already done volunteer work for school in op-shops, so she knows her way around.

I had to stop her from jumping the barricades today. Her eagle eyes saw  this ballet picture shoved behind a wooden beam  in the RESTRICTED AREA. Determined, Clancie Jane got somebody to retrieve it and bought it for Aunty Lou as a thank-you for some glass beads.

The suitcases were bought for nix for some art suppies storage. They are not flash but will serve the purpose.
The cute little red case was got on our last trip to Brissie at a great Lifeline in Paddington. It has a little leather handle and is adorable.

The ugly gondola was picked up in Tamworth. It somehow belongs to the same family as the white broken egg vase. I can imagine gladidolas in it as it seems to be some kind of vase. There must be something in my childhood that is drawing me to these items. I know they are ugly, but they are kitsch as well.

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