Monday, January 25, 2010

Op-shop luck

I am finding it increasingly hard to find quality items at the Northern Rivers's all shopped out and the secondhand dealers seem to have cornered the market and snatched everything up before it hits the shelves. But, I hit the jackpot last week. I got erverything for $3.50!!!

For my sis, I found a marvellous old card box...filled with hobbytex!! It is the nicest one I have seen with old cards from the 50's used.

For myself I found this Bissoni ashtray. No, I don't smoke, but it is Bissoni and it is yellow as opposed to blue which is unusual. Maybe I can use it as a nut bowl.

And last but not least, there is this vase that looks like a broken eggshell. It is handpainted with '695' on the bottom, so I am guessing that it is a factory made item. I am not sure if it is ugly or not, but I am strangley drawn to it. If anyone has an idea of its maker please contact me.

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