Monday, February 15, 2010

Cushion inspiration

Don't these just make you weep? Vintage, with just that little bit of grunge to stop it from being too prissy. Lisa Stickley has been subliminally influencing  me since the April 2009 Real Living article showcasing her London flat and store.

From  Melbourne, these wonderful cushions from Miss Pen Pen and her store Cottage Industry. I have a pile of tea towels that have "cushions" writtten all over them. The wonderful thing about using these old tea towels is that they are mostly pure linen and made in obscure places like Hungary, plus they have rarely been used, so the quality is excellent. I will start!  xxN


  1. Hi Nick - these are great! Love Lisa Stickley - you are spot on with the aesthetic.. grungy vintage, just perfect :) Thanks for the Miss Pen Pen link - I hadn't heard of her before. And many thanks for your lovely comment re pillowcase dress - no pattern, I just cut and tweak as I go I'm afraid. K

  2. They're all such beautiful cushions! Now I want to make some too!



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