Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I was hoping for a fabulous weekend of collecting with a visit to the monthly Lismore Showground Auction. Last time I snagged a fabulous Parker coffee table and I think that my husband actually has begun to get the bug, he has got a good eye and sees things I don't...but it was not to be. The weather up here is wet and hot. Add to the mix a couple of hundred people, mud and more heat, sweat and smells and noise. Well, this princess couldn't stand it, I cracked.

To compensate, we did a drive around to a couple of garage sales where I got this little Spanish Lady postcard in a frame. It is dated 1955 and looks to be all hand sewn. I asked the woman who was selling it if it was hers, but she said she had got it from a garage sale as well. It got me thinking of all the collectors in the world and the journey of this little quite insignificant card and what she has seen. I reckon there could be a movie in there somewhere.

I also got this framed Parisienne postcard, it looks circa 1955, most probably owned by the same person and this abacus. I am trying to mix up my styles a bit and loosen up and am just throwing items on this wall in a niave art way. xxN

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